Investors await results of critical Greek election

11:57 AM, Jun 17, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (AP) - Greek voters could set off a chain of events that roils world stock markets and carries financial chaos around the globe.

Bankers, investors and world leaders gathering in Mexico this weekend are closely watching an election in Greece on Sunday. It will help determine whether Greece sticks to the terms of a $170 billion bailout.

Early exit polls show a pro-bailout party and an anti-bailout party running close.

The anti-bailout party has promised to cancel the terms of the bailout. If that happens, Greece could become the first country to leave the group of 17 that use the euro.

A Greek euro exit would almost certainly lead investors to flee stocks. One financial analyst says the Standard & Poor's 500 index could drop 15 percent in weeks.

The Associated Press

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