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Questions surround feds' raid of Stockton home

STOCKTON - A federal education official Wednesday offered little information as to why federal agents raided a Stockton man's home Tuesday morning. WEB EXCLUSIVE: Hear Kenneth Wright talk about the search warrant served at his home

10:42 PM, Jun 8, 2011

10 Real Life Hero stories on News10

Heroes don't only exist in comic books and movies. On we have covered many stories about people doing extraordinary things to help someone else.

10:57 PM, Nov 15, 2012

Textbooks vs iPads: Students debate

SACRAMENTO - While high school students across California are opting for iPads, many Sacramento State attendees still prefer good-old textbooks.

12:20 PM, Sep 19, 2011

Comcast to expand number of neighborhood Wi-Fi hotspots

Comcast said Monday that it will install more neighborhood Wi-Fi hotspots in its service markets to encourage Internet customers to stay connected on their handheld devices even when they're not at home.

7:35 AM, Jun 10, 2013

Sacramento couple still unclear why CPS took their baby boy after dispute with doctors

SACRAMENTO - When Alex and Anna Nikolayev learned they would have a second one-hour visit Friday at the hospital with their baby boy Sammy, the news came as the one happy moment to cap off a difficult day.

2:02 AM, Apr 27, 2013

State of Emergency declaration

Full transcript of Governor Jerry Brown's State of Emergency declaration for California due to drought conditions.

12:36 PM, Jan 17, 2014

UC Davis pepper-spraying cop gets $38K for disability claim

DAVIS - Former UC Davis police Lt. John Pike has been awarded $38,056 for psychiatric injuries he claimed to have suffered following a 2011 campus pepper-spraying incident that drew worldwide criticism.

1:30 PM, Oct 23, 2013

Real Estate Pros Probed in Mortgage Fraud

The FBI has questioned a number of real estate professionals linked to fraudulent transactions involving a Stockton man arrested last week.

10:01 PM, Aug 22, 2007

Americans with Disabilities Act lawsuits investigated

SACRAMENTO - News10 looks into how some attorneys who specialize in Americans with Disbilities Act compliance violations do business.

5:35 PM, Nov 26, 2013

Lawsuit claims United Airlines promised to accommodate woman with severe peanut allergy

A Sacramento woman with a severe peanut allergy said she thought United Airlines had assured her she wouldn't have a problem. Now, she's suing after a mid-air allergic reaction forced an emergency landing and sent her to the hospital for days.

9:46 PM, May 29, 2013