Dad: Baby suffers serious burn from computer power cord, will sue HP

11:23 PM, Oct 5, 2010   |    comments
Her father says Isabella Degravio suffered third degree burns after rolling on to the hot power cord.
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STOCKTON - A Stockton man said he plans to sue Hewlett-Packard after his daughter suffered a third-degree burn to her leg when she rolled over on to a laptop computer power cord.

Joe Degravio said he left his 8-month-old daughter Isabella on the living room floor for five minutes while he went into the kitchen, and when he came back, she had a golf ball-sized burn near her right ankle.

Degravio is certain his daughter was rolling around on the floor when she settled on the power cord box connected to a Hewlett-Packard laptop computer.

He said the markings of the power supply case were on his daughter's leg.

"We felt it and it got stove-top hot," said Degravio, speaking of the power box connecting the cord from the computer to the wall. "It was really, really hot. Not enough to give us third-degree burns as an adult, but hot enough to burn an infant or a child. It did some damage to her."

Isabella had to have skin graft surgery at Shriners Hospital in Sacramento, and will likely have a scar for life near her right ankle.

Degravio said he will file a lawsuit against Hewlett-Packard, not so much because he needs the money, but because he wants to help raise awareness for other parents on the potential safety hazard.

Degravio said there was no excessive heat warning on the power supply box.



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