Tylar Witt pleads guilty in plea deal

12:09 AM, Sep 18, 2010   |    comments
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PLACERVILLE, CA - An El Dorado Hills teenager facing murder charges in the 2009 slaying of her mother has agreed to plead guilty in exchange for testifying against her boyfriend and a reduced sentence. Plea agreement

Tylar Witt, 15, was charged with first degree murder with special circumstances of lying in wait and killing Joanne Witt for being a witness to a crime. Witt had pleaded not guilty plea by reason of insanity earlier this summer.

In the plea agreement announced by the El Dorado County District Attorney's Office Friday afternoon, Witt will plead guilty to the above charges. In turn, the D.A. office says when co-defendant Steven Colver is sentenced or acquitted of Joanne Witt's murder, Tylar Witt's charges will be reduced to second degree murder without enhancements.

In addition, the district attorney will agree Witt be sentenced 15 years to life in prison. The first-degree murder charge carried a 25 years to life sentence penalty.

Deputy District Attorney Lisette Suder said the plea agreement had been in the works for a month or so. She said her office didn't know of Witt's decision until Friday morning.

Witt and Steven Colver were accused of murdering Witt's mother sometime June 11 or 12, 2009. Witt was alleged to have drugged her mother while she was asleep so that Colver could stab her.

Joanne Witt disapproved of her daughter's relationship with the then 19-year-old Colver, who was staying in their home, and had reported Colver to authorities.

The young couple fled after the murder and were captured at a San Bruno shopping center several days days later.

Suder said Witt will not be sentenced until she's lived up to her end of the agreement as well as shows investigators where the knife is that was used in her mother's slaying.

When asked why Witt would make the plea deal when much of the evidence points to Colver, Suder replied, "It's a fair and proper disposition" and "the whole picture will become clear at (Colver's) trial." 


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