Mrs. California, Stefani Norville heads to Tucson for Mrs. America

9:35 AM, Aug 24, 2010   |    comments
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Stefani Norville, Mrs. California
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  • SACRAMENTO, CA - Folsom wife and mom, Stefani Norville, never thought in her wildest dreams she would be competing on stage for a beauty contest.

    After winning the Mrs. California crown, Stefani Norville is getting ready to represent the Golden State in the Mrs. America pageant on August 31.

    Last year, Norville says she was approached by some friends who asked her if she would ever think of competing in Mrs. America. At first she laughed, but says curiosity got the best of her.

    She went through the application process and in July, she competed in the Mrs. California pageant in Redondo Beach.

    Pageant judges graded her on the following categories: interview, beauty, swimsuit and evening gown.

    Norville says what started out as curiosity turned out to be a very educational experience. She says by preparing for the interview portion of the contest, she learned a lot about herself. Questions like, "what is your greatest regret?" or "what's the greatest gift you ever received?" aren't things she had previously thought about while being a busy mom.

    Norville didn't hire a coach like many contestants, instead she relied on friends to help her along. On stage and in the interview, Norville just tried to be herself as much as possible relying on one of her favorite quotes by Etta Turner, "In a world where you can be anything, be yourself."

    Seems like Stefani Norville does it all being a wife, mom of three, trade show producer and Mrs. California. Norville says it's never easy but she focuses first on the bond with her husband, Patrick. She says as long as that is strong, everything else falls into place.

    Mrs. California's website has more information about the pageant and how other ladies can enter the contest. 


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