Folsom's Palladio Cinema goes green

5:43 PM, Jul 29, 2010   |    comments
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FOLSOM, CA - The new Palladio Mall in Folsom is slowly gaining momentum, according to Russell Davis with Elliott Homes.

"We'll have Whole Foods market coming in. There will be fine-dining restaurants," Davis said.

Davis said he's really excited about the direction in which businesses are going in the 55-acre, 100-store development.

"The whole green building movement, for a lack of a better term, is taking over," Davis said. "Solar is just a part of that."

The Palladio's first tenant is a pioneer in sustainability in the movie theater industry.

"This is our fourth theater with solar panels on the roof. I'm really excited to work for a company that is concerned about the environment," Palladio Cinema manager Nate Alchesky said.

Atop of the 55,000-square-foot theater, the roof is lined with rows of solar panels. They are all positioned to get the maximum use from the sun.

Ted Walsh with SPG Solar explains how the solar panels work.

"The system is going to generate a great deal of energy during the summer months and during the day and how that works great with the movie theater is the movie theater is using most of its energy at night and on the weekends off peak," Walsh said.

Alchesky said the panels will generate up to 30 percent of what the theater uses in energy per day.

"We definitely use our share of energy, but we've done everything we can to reduce how much energy we use with our LED lights and our digital projectors and everything like that," alchesky said.

Alchesky said the savings will be in the range of $26,000 a year. He said parent company Cinema West and SPG Solar researched and discovered the Palladio Cinema is the largest solar-paneled theater in the world.


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