News10 celebrates Social Media Day

6:32 PM, Jun 30, 2010   |    comments
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Video: News10 celebrates Social Media Day

News10's Suzanne Phan and SacTweetUp's Alejandro Reyes at the News10 Social Media Day celebration
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SLIDESHOW: News10 celebrates Social Media Day

SACRAMENTO -- More than 600 meetups in 93 countries celebrated Social Media Day with thousands of attendees on Wednesday. News10 was one these groups.

To celebrate the revolution of media becoming social, they held a luncheon at the station on Broadway with the help of Sacramento social media guru, Alejandro Reyes.

"When the idea was presented, I jumped at the idea to get involved," said Reyes during the party. "It was a great way to connect with the local media community."

Reyes runs the SacTweetUp group and has a strong social media following in city. He set up the evite for the event and then in true social media style, the invitations were sent out via Facebook to News10's Facebook fans and tweeted out to the SacTweetUp group. The idea was that the first 75 to sign up for the event would be able to spend the afternoon hanging out with News10 reporters and Sacramento's bloggers and tweeters.

The party went viral and in less than two hours, over 60 people had responded. Before the end of the day, all 75 spots had been filled and the station was flooded with emails of people wanting to get on the waiting list.

The luncheon was just as successful as the invite. With the room filled to capacity, News10 skyped with the Studio Sky Lab Social Media Day party which was happening simultaneously in Manchester. The two groups were able to have a lively question-and-answer session to share social media success stories and the power of social media.

"You need to be straight with your audience and honest. Don't try to mask anything. Don't sell too hard. It's more of a human connection with people," said Nigel Collier, Managing Director at Studio Sky Lab.

Collier says that social media needs to be a place where people and businesses can share experiences. The team at News10 agrees has been working with local bloggers and tweeters to connect directly with the Sacramento community. In the past few months, they have launched a campaign to work with local social media gurus in an effort share content, ideas and experiences. Some of their successes have included on-air segments with Kari Shipman of the Juniper James blog, thrifty tips from Poor Girl Eats Well and an insider's guide to comedy through Steven Bloom at Sacramento Comedy.

"The secret to social media is listening to what people have to say and responding," said Collier.

The event concluded with a tour of the News10 station and an after party at Jamie's Bar and Grill.

"This was just our first event," said Tim Geraghty, News10 News Director. "Based on the success and the excitement generated from this lunch, we are already planning another social media gathering soon."


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