Chico couple wrapped up in success over the Moby

6:17 PM, May 31, 2010   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, CA - A Chico couple is finding business success with a baby carrier called Moby Wrap. Gillian Beerman, Founder and President of Moby Wrap, Inc holds an MA in Clinical Psychology and is a mother of 3. While working as a Parent Educator she tried a European style wrap with her second child.

"It was instantly so much more comfortable and amazing and nothing like I've seen in the U.S.," she said. "I was telling my husband about it, and he said I have an idea for your idea, why don't we go into business."

The name Moby comes from "mo"ther and ba"by" together. While visiting family in Thailand, Gillian and her husband David started the company there, eventually moving to Thailand and setting up a small manufacturing facility. Upon returning to Chico, they started filling orders out of their home. "After 4 years into production and getting things all set up we were able to hire employees and move things into a small warehouse," said David Beerman.

The Beermans credit their business success to high quality materials, good customer service and the intimacy of the product. "When a mom experiences it, she feels very passionate," said Gillian.

Word of mouth about Moby Wrap and a price point below other leading baby carriers have helped the business increase 30 to 40 percent even during the down economy.

Moby Wrap has partnered with several organizations that promote maternity service, breast feeding, and pregnancy awareness. The company also includes specific safety information about the use of baby slings.

With international distribution, several boutiques and major retailers showing interest, the Beermans believe the Moby Wrap can become a household brand. "Just one of those check off items," said David Beerman. "When you have a baby you have to have diapers, you have to have a Moby Wrap."

By Jennifer Smith,


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