New college grads face fierce competition for jobs

9:41 AM, May 31, 2010   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, CA - After 'Pomp and Circumstance' celebrates the end of their college careers, thousands of new grads from Sacramento face the next big test: finding a job.

According to The National Center for Education, 2.4 million college students will graduate in the Class of 2010. With unemployment pushing 10 percent and the competition for good jobs fierce, it is an uncertain time for any college graduate.

Julio Lamas and Rozlyn Smith just graduated from college. They took all the right steps like interning and networking. But only one of them landed a job. Smith cited her work experience during a seven year break from college.

"My previous positions I felt helped me the most was working for ambulance companies, doing dispatch,"said Smith. "So I had a lot of leadership experience from working under fire."

On the other hand Lamas switched his emphasis in his last year of college. It was a major set back because Lamas did not have enough internships in that field. He applied for 42 jobs and only a few employers got back to him about possible positions. 

"I even started applying for jobs in rural areas of Washington and Arizona," Lamas said. "My search expanded and just last week I was thinking about applying internationally."

To prepare herself, Smith utilized the career center having her resume critiqued and went through mock interviews.

Lamas handed his business card to anyone who would take one. He learned selling himself as a quick learning college grad was not enough.

"Employers are looking for people to start day one, already have the training," said Lamas. "The big challenge is to convince employers to take you in."

Lamas and Smith anticipated the uphill battle but said no matter how prepared you are landing a job is hard. College graduates are now competing with those who have years of real world, on-the-job, experience.


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