Stockton soccer complex built, but unused

5:03 PM, Feb 23, 2010   |    comments
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  • Stockton Soccer Complex
  • Stockton Soccer Complex

STOCKTON, CA - There's a huge soccer complex in north Stockton built about a year ago that still hasn't hosted a single soccer game. 

City officials said it's because the Bermuda grass at the complex needs a lot of time to become strong.

"We were going to give it a full year for the turf to mature.  The regular grass you see in city parks would not hold up for the use we plan for this.  This Bermuda will hold up better for soccer and last longer," said Parks and Recreation Superintendent Adolfo Cruz.

City officials were quick to point out state grants and developer fees covered the complex' cost of more than $3 million.  They also said the land that will host countless soccer games is also designed to handle overflow flood situations.

"We're using a facility that would be a hole in the ground and getting another use out of it," said landscape architect Victor Machado.

Unfortunately, the soccer complex doesn't look like it's ready for use.  Instead it looks abandoned, with its brown Bermuda grass, tall weeds surrounding the fields, and picnic areas covered in graffiti.

City officials anticipate taggers will leave the facility alone once it's populated with children and parents attending soccer tournaments. 

The city council will soon select a local soccer organization to manage the soccer facility.  That group will pay the city for the right to be the operator, then collect its own fees from parking and snack bars.

City officials anticipate the fields will be very well used by this summer.

"This will look great in June," said Machado.



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