Hearing to halt early release of inmates postponed

11:46 AM, Feb 9, 2010   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, CA -- A hearing on a temporary restraining order that would stop Sacramento County from releasing non-violent inmates early has been postponed until Wednesday. 

A judge continued the proceedings on Tuesday because he hadn't received all the paperwork yet.  

Last Friday, the Sacramento County Deputy Sheriff's Association filed a lawsuit to stop Sacramento and other counties from releasing non-violent prisoners early under a new state law.  They contend the law applies only to inmates in state prisons, and the Sacramento County is violating the law through the early releases.

However, Sacramento attorney and former federal prosecutor Bill Portanova disagrees.  "I don't think a judge will stop counties from releasing inmates because they are interpreting this law legally," Portanova said.

Portanova says non-violent inmates being released will make room for those violent inmates who need to be behind bars.

So far, about 300 inmates have been released from the Sacramento County jail.  About a dozen other counties are also releasing some if its non-violent inmates.

By Cornell Barnard, cbarnard@news10.net




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