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5 year old's comic 'Axe Cop' sweeps the Web

1:28 PM, Feb 1, 2010   |    comments
  • Malachai Nicolle, 5-year-old writer and creator of "Axe Cop"
  • A frame from "Axe Cop" - Episode 1
  • A frame from "Axe Cop" - Episode 1
  • Ethan Nicolle, artist of "Axe Cop"
  • A frame from "Axe Cop" - Episode 2
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LOS ANGELES, CA - Dinosaur soldiers, talking avocados, and a baby with a unicorn horn.  They're all in the wild imaginings of 5-year-old Malachi Nicolle's comic mini-series, "Axe Cop."

Last Christmas, Malachi's 29-year-old brother, Ethan, visited Malachi and his family for the holidays.  They thought it was just another family visit, but none of them knew that Ethan's visit would spark the beginning of a fast-growing Internet phenomenon.

It started out as a game of pretend between Malachi and his brother. Malachi recruited his older brother to join his side in an imaginative game in which he portrayed a heroic axe-wielding police officer. Ethan, an up-and-coming (not to mention, very gifted) illustrator, realized that he just HAD to record his little brother's hilariously-creative concepts and mini-stories into a brief one-page comic, titled "Axe Cop."

Four pages and one week later, Ethan decided to post his collaborative efforts on Facebook to share with friends and family.  After receiving nothing but positive responses from his viewers, Ethan decided to take "Axe Cop" a step further by putting the comics on a dedicated Web page.

"Axe Cop" follows the mustached cop and his crazy misadventures with sidekick "Flute Cop" (who later mutates into various forms of himself).

According to Ethan, "Axe Cop" fans range from those who like random humor to parents who recognize a child's innocent and outlandish tall tales.

Ethan and Malachi have experienced a surge of hits to their site in just the past few weeks alone and already have a large and growing fan base.  Ethan has made mentions, in his blog, that the comics are already receiving "big attention from Hollywood," and encourages visitors to continue spreading the word about "Axe Cop."

Click here to view the "Axe Cop" series (and also check out the official "Axe Cop" t-shirt).


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