Stephen Key's rotating label gives correct dosage by weight

7:14 PM, Jan 25, 2010   |    comments
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Accudial label

MODESTO, CA - The latest product from Modesto inventor Stephen Key is now appearing on store shelves at Walmart in Canada and will soon be distributed in drug stores in this country.

Accudial is a rotating label to help reduce dosing errors.

"When you spin it, it gives you the correct dosage per weight, not age," Key said.

His spin-formation technology has appeared on everything from drinks to vitamins since he first got the patent several years ago.

"When you come up with idea and you finally see it on store shelves, that's when you think all this work has paid off, so it's exciting," said Key.

He added now is a great time to try and get your ideas into the market because companies have cut back on their own research and development. Key advised to be sure to get some protection of your idea.

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