Sex, Drugs & Murder: Tylar Witt drugged mom before El Dorado Hills killing, prosecutors say

3:45 PM, Nov 17, 2009   |    comments
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PLACERVILLE, CA - Graphic details emerged Tuesday in the case of Tylar Witt, 14, accused of fatally stabbing her mother inside of their El Dorado Hills home in June.

Tuesday's hearing was part of proceedings to determine whether the teen should be tried as an adult in the murder of Joanne Witt in their Tattinger Court home June 11 or 12.

The murder came after Joanne Witt filed a statuatory rape report with the El Dorado County Sheriff's Department against her daughter's boyfriend, 19-year-old Steven "Boston" Colver.

Five El Dorado County Sheriff detectives took to the witness stand Tuesday, including the deputy who first responded to Witt's report suspecting Tylar and Colver were having sex.

A detective testified that Joanne discovered Tylar's journal, detailing unprotected sexual encounters with Colver on a couch inside of the home. Concerns of pregnancy were also outlined in Tylar's journal.

The fourth witness on the stand, Detective Eric Harnege, said he was one of the responding deputies and noted about 20 stab or incise wounds on Joanne's body: three to her neck, five to her chest, two each on her shoulder and cheek and about seven on her hands. 

He said the most significant wound to her neck was over 4 inches long and 2 inches wide. Harnege also said the marks on her hands appeared to be defense wounds.

Another detective said that during the course of the investigation, deputies learned Colver and Witt had spiked one of Joanne's alcohol bottles with vicadin so she would fall asleep and they could escape.

The defense argued the toxicology report showed no signs of vicadin in Joanne's body at the time of the autopsy, disproving Tylar's involvement in the actual murder.

The prosecution argued Tylar drugged Joanne, waited for her to fall asleep and allegedly called Colver over to her house where she watched him stab her multiple times before both escaped.

Judge James Wagoner did not rule out the possibility that Joanne could have awaken from her drug-induced sleep, during the attack, thus incurring the defensive wounds.

Detectives also discovered the two teens fled the house over a fence after the murder instead of using a front gate that required entering a code because that would have left evidence they were at the scene. Tylar and Witt reportedly burned the clothes they were wearing that night at Colver's father's home.

Wagoner said it was now up to the defense to show why Tylar should be tried as a juvenile instead of an adult.

Tylar appeared calm and unemotional during Tuesday's hearing. She did not want her face to be seen and turned towards the wall as she was escorted out of the courtroom.

The next case hearing will take place Thursday, Nov. 19 at 8:30 a.m. where the defense was expected to question their own witnesses on the stand.

Colver faces charges of murder with a deadly weapon and could face the death penalty if convicted.

Witt and Colver were arrested at a San Bruno strip mall June 16, two days after Joanne Witt's body was discovered in her Tattinger Court home.

Authorities were looking into Tylar's relationship with Colver as a possible motive for the killing.

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