Pharmacy's Drug Dispensing Halted

11:53 AM, Dec 2, 2008   |    comments
  • Federal and local authorities raided Husak's pharmacy and home
  • Thomas Lee Husak
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AUBURN, Ca - An Auburn pharmacy's authority to dispense prescriptions has been pulled following charges the owner has allegedly filled fraudulent prescriptions over a three-year period.

The Drug Enforcment Administration announced Monday it was suspending Skyridge Pharmacy's Certificate of Registration to dispense Schedule II-V controlled substances.

The pharmacy, located on the 600 block of Auburn Folsom Road is owned and operated by pharmacist Thomas Husak, 71. The Placer County District Attorney's Office is charging Husak with approximately 50 counts of state narcotics violations and four misdemeanor counts of sexual misconduct offenses.

Last May, the Auburn Police Department began an investigation into Husak based on information it had received that the pharmacist was suspected of dispensing drugs without valid prescriptions. The probe resulted in searches of Skyridge Pharmacy and Husak's home on October 2. At the time, Husak was arrested  and charged with three counts related to the illegal distribution of prescription drugs from Skyridge Pharmacy. He posted $250,000 bail and resumed as Skyridge's sole pharmacist. 

Monday, investigators reported more details of the searches. They said they found expired bottles of oxycodone and OxyContin, set for destruction, that were filled with M&M's candy. The bottles had been resealed to appear unopened.  

Investigators also determined Skyridge Pharmacy could not provide records for more than 20,000 dosage units of hydrocodone products. An inventory of the pharmacy also brought to light excessive shortages and overages of controlled substances, said investigators.

The loss of the pharmacy's certification of registration also means Husak cannot be in possession of or distribute controlled substances.


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