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Giant Rabbit to Invade Sacramento International

12:32 AM, Oct 30, 2008   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, CA - A 56-foot-long red fiberglass rabbit will be the artwork to dress up the new terminal at Sacramento International airport. This decision follows a 3-2 vote by the Sacramento County Supervisors.

The building is in its early stages of construction and should be completed sometime in 2011.

The rabbit, designed by an artist and professor at Denver University, will run nearly four stories into the new baggage claim area. At its base, a giant stone suitcase. The bunny doesn't just come with large luggage, but a large price tag as well.

According to a Sacramento Bee article, the rabbit will run $767,000. This includes $500,000 for materials and $42,000 to build the stone suitcase. In addition to these numbers, it may cost up to $15,000 to ship the bunny here. Installation could run another $15,000 with lightning carrying a price of $17,000.  Under county ordinance, officials must spend a percentage of the new terminals construction costs on art.

A News10 poll on before the vote found only 13.5 percent of those who voted liked the rabbit sculpture. More than 71 percent supported the proposed chandelier in the shape of a Valley Oak tree.

On News10 Good Morning Wednesday, the following question was posed to viewers: "What are your thoughts on the new rabbit? What do you think about it being one of the first things you see at the airport and how do you feel about the price?"

Here were some responses:

  • Hard to see this unnecessary spending after a news piece on lowering social security checks for seniors making a whopping $1100.


  • I do not feel a red rabbit expresses Sacramento.  Why can't they invest the money in our schools and have the children of Sacramento draw pictures of their favorite places in sacramento, then hand them up.  The money will be well spent and we don't have to pay shipping.


  • I'm all for the red rabbit statue proposed for the Sacramento International Airport. Rabbits are all too often overlooked and ignored. In Elk Grove just that happened at a 27-acre park that is under construction, since Black-Tailed jack rabbits aren't endangered they aren't protected or even considered worthy to be saved only to suffer. This statue at the airport means something much more than just what it is. The rabbits count too!

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