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Power Monitor Saves Money on Electric Bills

6:01 PM, Aug 27, 2008   |    comments
Electric power usage monitor
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SACRAMENTO, CA - The Sacramento Municipal Utility District is offering a device for $40 that has the potential to reduce one's energy bill by more than a $100 a month.

It's called a power cost monitor.  It easily attaches to the electric power meter and transmits to a display unit, in dollars and cents, how much power a home is using per minute.

The monitor also keeps tabs on total power usage for the month.  A SMUD worker told News10 that watching in real time how much energy various appliances used saved him more than a $100 in one month.

"My bill in June was $322 for a 2,000 square foot home," said Chris Capra. "I took this home to test it. I used it for about three weeks. My last bill was about $177."

Capra said the monitor showed his central air conditioning was costing him 50 cents every hour, $8 a day. He decided to set the thermostat higher.

"I was able to cut it by that much just by knowing how much things were costing me and shutting them off and limiting their use," Capra said.

A link to the SMUD monitoring device program can be found here.


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