What's up with these subfreezing temperatures?

3:55 PM, Dec 8, 2013   |    comments
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Subfreezing temperatures will continue across the Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley region for the next few days.

These bitter cold temperatures led the National Weather Service to issue a Hard Freeze Warning for the Central Valley, along with parts of the Sierra Foothills into Tuesday morning. 

So, why is it so cold? Well, you can thank the Polar Jet Stream.

There are two jet streams that impact the United States: the Polar Jet Stream and the Subtropical Jet Stream. The jet streams are currents of fast moving winds in the upper levels of the atmosphere that steer weather systems. During winter months, the Polar Jet is the boundary between cold and warm air.

As the Polar Jet dips into the Central Valley, it's bringing polar air along with it and new record-low temperatures for parts of the area.

Record-low temperatures were set or tied at Redding (20 degrees), Red Bluff (22 degrees), Sacramento Executive Airport (25 degrees) and Stockton Airport (25 degrees) on Friday morning. More record lows are possible through Tuesday morning.

The Polar Jet will finally move northward around mid-week, allowing more mild/seasonable temperatures to return to the Central Valley.

In the meantime, bundle up!

Tracy Humphrey
News10 Weather Forecaster


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