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Vic's Ice Cream adding coffee business

7:02 PM, Dec 3, 2013   |    comments
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Vic's Ice Cream Parlor

SACRAMENTO - A family business in Sacramento is expanding by taking on a new venture. 

Vic's Ice Cream Parlor has been on the corner of Riverside Boulevard for more than 60  years.  Now, the second-generation owner says he's investing $200,000 to open a new business right next door.

Vic's has been a fixture in the community ever since it opened in 1947.  Sixty-five years later, customers from different generations keep coming back. 

"It hasn't really changed that much and it's always been really comfortable and pleasant place to go," said Nancy Johnson, who's been going to Vic's since the first week the parlor opened.

And Vic's is known for its welcoming atmosphere.

"It's just a tradition.  Everybody goes to Vic's," said Joyce Mundel.

But that long-time tradition of serving up ice cream and sandwiches is about to change - at least right next door. 

"Everybody, daily, is coming in the store, taking a peak, asking questions, wondering when we're going to open," said manager Dave Gilson. 

The second-generation family-owned business will be expanding by selling coffee.

"We are established so we made it through with the downfall and hopefully it is an up-rise and hopefully the coffee shop will be an addition," said owner Craig Rutledge.

Final preparations are still underway for Vic's Café - a venture that wasn't even supposed to happen.

"It was originally going to be a coffee shop from a different person who ended up backing out so Craig went ahead with the idea to keep it going," said Gilson.

The owners are going into this with much confidence and excitement, hoping their loyal customers don't travel too far for their coffee fix.  "Our business takes a hit in the winter.  People don't need as much ice cream when it's 40 - 50 degrees outside.  The hot cup of coffee will get more people in here," said Gilson.

Vic's Café isn't set to open until the end of the year, once the owners get inspection code approval from the city.

by Carlos Saucedo,


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