Inventures: Urgent care clinic offers medical memberships to patients

12:09 AM, Sep 6, 2013   |    comments
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EL DORADO HILLS, CA - An El Dorado Hills company is on the front lines of the changing face of healthcare, taking a direct primary care approach through a new medical membership program.

Dr. Jon Moness started MDStat Urgent Care in El Dorado Hills in 2008. Urgent care facilities, like MDStat, provide immediate, unscheduled walk in medical care.

An internal medicine doctor since 1994, Moness always realized there was a gap in medical care.

"By the time they come to the clinic, particularly with no insurance, it's too late," Moness said. "Their cases or issues are pretty complicated."

Moness is trying something different to close the gap - direct primary care through a medical membership program.

A provision in the federal Affordable Care Act allows medical services to be offered through a direct primary care plan. MDStat's medical membership, coupled with lower cost catastrophic care insurance, will meet the minimum requirements of Obamacare, which takes full effect in 2014.

"The patients get direct care between them and their physicians," clinic supervisor Maui Arikat explained. "And there is no middleman stopping them from getting care."

Members have unlimited access to X-rays, EKGs, and all lab work is done in-house. Weight management programs and physical therapy programs are also offered.

Here's a breakdown of monthly costs:

  • $69 for individuals
  • $99 for couples
  • $129 for families

Each visit, you pay a "consultation" fee, similar to a co-pay.

You can schedule appointments, or walk in.

"Before I get really bad, I can come in," member Carol Amoruso said.

So far 300 people have signed up. Some already have insurance, but with high deductibles. Others, like Amoruso, have never been insured.

"Regular health insurance was so expensive because I do have a pre-existing health condition because of my thyroid," Amoruso explained.

"Having a medical membership like what we're offering can prevent some catastrophic problem down the road," Moness added.

MDStat has four locations in the Sacramento area. There are plans to open three more in the next few months.

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