Sacramento chefs turn "Offal" food into gourmet dining

1:00 AM, Aug 19, 2013   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO- Here's a story that might delight some people, and it might horrify others. Imagine eating the parts of an animal that are often tossed out--the organs, feet, or tongues.

Plenty of people from all cultures use the complete animal - nose to tail. Offal is the term for all those "other" parts: organs, feet, tongues, ears, skin.

About a dozen of Sacramento's best chefs whipped up several special dishes yesterday. "Have an Offal Day" in Sacramento was a sold out event held at Muvlaney's Next Door. It featured dishes like Hard boiled eggs with chicken liver mousse and crispy chicken skin, fried chicken feet. Or how about beef skewers with beef tongue and heart and pickled veggies? How about tripe and arugula salad with pork heart sausage?

Among some of the other interesting things served yesterday, deep fried duck testicles, corned duck gizzards, and braised lamb tongues!

That's food for thought.

Here's a list of the participating chefs and what they served:

  • Jason Azevedo - Mighty Tavern

Coppa Di Testa -A cold, Italian inspired pork head cheese. Sliced thin, and garnished with olive oil, lemon zest, Calabrian chili, and pickled onions.

  • Pajo Bruich - Enotria

Crispy sturgeon skin with sturgeon liver pearls and caviar

  • Brad Cecchi - Grange

Beef skewers with beef tongue and heart and pickled veggies

  • Brett Bohlmann - Boulevard Bistro

Braised lamb tongue with beech mushrooms, Madeira wine and crispy sweetbreads.

  • Ian McBride - Lucca

Ox tongue rillettes on cracker with beet microgreens and Berryessa beer mustard

  • Jess Milbourn - The Eatery

Tripe & arugula salad in lemon honey vinaigrette with toasted sesame seeds & pork heart sausage.

  • Patrick Mulvaney - Mulvaney's B&L

Balls to the walls - deep fried duck testicles

  • Bill Ngo - Kru

Sturgeon skin chicharron, monk fish liver, uni, cilantro powder

  • Ravin Patel - Ella

Lamb Samosas - Samosas with lamb brain, cheek, and tongue with tamarind and cilantro chutneys.

  • Adam Pechal - Thir13en

Tostette with pastrami duck gizzards, aioli, and pickled duck hearts.

  • Oliver Ridgewy - Grange

Hard boiled egg with chicken liver mousse and crispy chicken skin, fried chicken feet

  • Hank Shaw - Hunt, Gather, Cook

Smoked duck heart sausage with watermelon pickle relish

24-hour corned duck gizzards with onion jam and pickled mustard seeds

Crispy fried duck tongues with "wild" mustard: wild seeds, wild pine nuts and wild elderberries.


By Suzanne Phan,

Twitter: @SuzannePhan

Facebook: SuzannePhanNews10


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