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Grand jury questions abilities of Stockton City Council

4:59 PM, May 30, 2013   |    comments
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STOCKTON, CA - The latest report from the San Joaquin County Grand Jury takes a critical look at how Stockton ended up in bankruptcy.  

Not surprisingly, the group is very critical of previous city council members and administrators for making many financial decisions that helped push the city into bankruptcy.

It's best example of poor decisions: the downtown events venues.

"With three elements: the ballpark, arena and marina,  information was provided to the city council just the day before the decision was made," said jury foreperson Gary Spaugh.

It has been widely reported how Stockton mismanaged its finances into bankruptcy court.  The grand jury also questions the current council and council members' ability to manage important financial issues.

"The Grand Jury's concern is the limited grasp of municipal finances.  While a few [council members]) indicated they had taken college-level courses in finance, or attended workshops, none indicated they were proficient in the matter," read the report.

Mayor Anthony Silva said he is confident he and fellow council members are equipped to make difficult decisions.

"People are human, they make mistakes and miscalculations.   It's on us to do our homework," said Silva.

Silva also said he supported the construction of the arena, marina and baseball stadium.

"I thought it was good for the city, and the local media didn't talk about how much it was costing," said Silva. 



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