Davis doubles fines during UC Davis Picnic Day

7:15 PM, Apr 20, 2013   |    comments
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DAVIS, CA - A case of Coors Lite from the Davis Rite Aid costs $10, but an open bottle out in public this weekend will cost the drink's owner more than $400.

The Davis City Council approved in February a safety zone ordinance, which doubling the fines for open containers of alcohol, public urination and disturbing the general noise during UC Davis's Picnic Day weekend. The minimum fine is $408 or more depending on the courts.

Children and pets were everywhere on campus Saturday morning and afternoon. College students, however, actually said they felt the effects of sobriety at, of all places, the Dachshund dog races.

"The big change was at Dachshund Derby where they were checking bags at the door for alcohol," UC Davis student Greg Emdee said. "It was always a lot more rowdy inside and everyone cheering. It was a huge event."

This year, only the dogs were wound up and people filed in and out of the pavilion in an orderly fashion.

"Well, the goal has always been to be family friendly," Associate VP Chancellor of Student Affairs Rich Shintaku said. "It's really our one opportunity to be an open house to students, their families, alumni and our local community."

It's still quite a house party, but one better designed for hosting young children.

"I guess before we used to see more things that were not appropriate, especially now that we have kids," Davis resident Maria Santivanez said. "We had to really choose which places to go. Now, it's just so fun."

The doubled fines are in effect until Sunday at 6 a.m.


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