Shadow of Fear update goes live for MMO EverQuest

3:05 PM, Apr 17, 2013   |    comments
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Sony's MMO 'Everquest II'.

To go along with the 14th anniversary celebration for MMO EverQuest, Sony Online Entertainment has flipped the "on" switch for the game's Shadow of Fear.

Continuing the storyline from the Rain of Fear expansion (EverQuest's 19th), players battle to restore balance to Norrath as the essence of fear rains down from the sky in the form of crystalline shards.  Shadow of Fear features two new zones, challenging raid content, powerful spells, enhanced "AA" lines, and new quests and missions. 

In the new update, a never-before-seen god known as Luclin emerges to confront players as they enter her domain of Shadow.  Meanwhile, in a forgotten valley of Norrath's moon, an ancient Shissar city has been resurrected overnight with no explanation.  What do these mysterious Shissar have planned, and where did they get their newfound power?  Players will need to venture into the dangerous city-and make it out alive-to find out.

In addition to the new storyline, Shadow of Fear brings with it new spells, alternate abilities, and items for all classes.  Furthermore, new collections can be found in Chelsith Reborn and the Plane of Shadow.  New missions, raids, and quests are also available to challenge newer and more powerful adventurers alike.  Finally, new achievements are rewarded for tackling the content found in the update.

Shadow of Fear is a free game update to EverQuest's Rain of Fear Expansion.


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