Mother of missing woman believes FBI should listen to 'Speed Freak Killer' Shermantine

7:59 PM, Feb 7, 2013   |    comments
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Wes Shermantine

STOCKTON, CA - The mother of a Stockton woman who's been missing for 25 years wants the FBI to reconsider its excavation work near Linden after "Speed Freak Killer" Wes Shermantine offered more information about the location of his victims.

The FBI has been excavating an abandoned well east of Stockton for more than a month. The agency said no remains have been found. The digging is happening in the same area where three murder victims were located about a year ago.  

Shermantine has said to private investigators, from death row, the FBI is about 200 yards away from where he directed them.

"I told them from the little bridge (where there's a ) guardrail and the culvert that runs underneath the road, from there back to the trees, is (where Loren) had a killing ground; spots where he'd bury people," said Shermantine in a recorded phone call to private investigator Rob Dick.

Sue Kizer can't help but wonder if Shermantine is connected to the disappearance of her daughter Gayle Marks.

"If Shermantine says they're in the wrong spot, then they're in the wrong spot. Everything Shermantine has told us has been the truth. Why all of a sudden is he not telling the truth? He has nothing to gain, nothing to lose," Kizer said.

The FBI has written in a press release since the digging started that "Shermantine's recollections have occasionally proved to be inaccurate."

In addition to the three sets of remains recovered from the Linden area, information from Shermantine also helped lead investigators to the bodies of Cyndi Vanderheiden and Chevelle Wheeler, who were buried in Calaveras County.

By Tim Daly,


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