Bob Dole: Romney looks like a president

10:00 AM, Jun 26, 2012   |    comments
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Bob Dole says in a magazine interview that it wasn't hard for him to endorse Mitt Romney over Newt Gingrich.

The former Senate Republican leader told GQ in the interview that Gingrich was hard to work with when he was House speaker. Dole said he was turned off by "Newt's way or the highway," which apparently made picking Romney easier.

"So it looked to me like it would be either Romney or Newt for the nomination, but just on its own, I thought ... well, I'll say this: Romney looks like a president," Dole told GQ.

Dole endorsed Romney before the Iowa caucuses, when Gingrich was rising in public opinion polls. Romney and his allies in the Restore Our Future super PAC pummeled Gingrich in ads, which contributed to his fourth-place finish in that state.

As for President Obama, Dole says the Democrat is "a nice person" but "totally out of step."

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