Sword used in attack against neighbor, say police

11:25 PM, May 22, 2012   |    comments
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Don Miller

SACRAMENTO, CA - A man allegedly slashed his neighbor with a sword during a fight Monday afternoon.

Don Miller, 36, was arrested on the 2700 block of Rio Linda Boulevard around 12:30 p.m. when a dispute between neighbors escalated into a sword attack, Sacramento police said.

"It cut straight through the muscle - it cut straight through the bone," said 22 year old Mark Johnson, who said at first he didn't even realize he'd been cut."

"As soon as he swung and I swung at the same time with this arm. I put this arm up to block like this and he sliced it right through there," Johnson said, adding his doctor said the slash to his upper right arm nearly cut his artery.

Neighbor Dave Coleman, an Army veteran gave Johnson first aid as he slipped into shock.

"I wrapped it and put some pressure on it and elevated it and made him sit down,"Coleman said.

Johnson was taken to a nearby hospital.

Miller was also injured in the fight.

From the Sacramento County Jail, where he's being held for assault with a deadly weapon, Miller said he was just defending himself.

"And they started swinging at me. One of them, as you can see, hit me twice in the face," Miller said, showing some lacerations on his face where he said he was hit by a shovel.

He said he was attacked by three neighbors with shovels and a length of pvc pipe, after a dispute over the use of colorful language by his wife.

"I just started swinging it, like trying to get 'em away from me. All I wanted was to be left alone," Miller said.

Police said Miller had several warrants out for his arrest.

Ironically, Miller said he'd been friends with his attacker until the altercation.


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