Readers sound off on 'speed traps'

5:56 PM, May 22, 2012   |    comments
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We asked Facebook friends where they've been busted speeding (or seen it!) in the valley and found many get nailed right where the CHP says are hot spots. When will we learn?!

Here's a sampling of what you had to say about "speed traps":

Wesley M. - I-80 between Riverside and Antelope Road. Had at least 3 speeding tickets in that little corridor over the years- both directions.

Carly S. - Highway 99 between Hammett and kiernan in Salida..... watch out for that stretch.....of corse I was speeding but I wa(s) only doing 80.....

Ryan L. - I5 South, just before 8 mile rd in Stockton ...also got pulled over at Elk Grove Blvd just west of E. Stockton.. that road goes from 25 to 35 to 45 to 50.. i was doin 37 in the 35..cop was looking for a DUI and didnt get one..EGPD is the worse ... ohhhhhhhhhhh heres a good one.. in Fairfeild ..North texas Rd where is turns into west texas.. speed limit drops 20 MPH around a bend.. motorcycle cops sit right at the little cafe thing there and grab people all day... my friend used to live right across from the bend and we would sit outside and watch people get pulled over all day ... northbound I-5 at florin rd

Ryan H. -  Pelandale road in Modesto. Long strait and wide, you could go 70-80 on it easy but the limit is 45. Hardly any signs too.

Kathy D. - I80 E at Auburn exit... He was hiding well :) and if course I deserved it, I was speeding!

Paul C. - In the hills between Vallejo and Fairfield, they actually use helicopters to catch you. So watch it. And I deserved it because I was speeding...duh.

Jaime C. - Modesto, McHenry Ave btwn Floyd & Briggsmore, it's 30

Stacey L. - Highway 50 coming down the hill, motorcycle cop sits under Prairie City overpass with a radar gun. And yes, anyone who gets a speeding ticket there deserves it cuz we all know the speed limit!!!!!

Amanda J.C. - hwy 132 in empire...goes from 55 to 30 to 45 in half a thats a speed trap. Everyone drives too fast through there and when u do go the speed limit, you risk someone running into the back of you. Ive been rearended 3 times in the past year. Lets drive responsibly people!!!

Matthew S. - Grass valley, off 20 near the fairgrounds. I was going 40, did not see any signs, got pulled over next to a sign that said "speed limit 45". I got a ticket because I was going 40 in a 35. I mentioned the sign as saying the speed limit as 45- I was told "it's 35 until you get to the sign." I was speeding, that's fine, but I still feel like I was caught on a technicality more so than doing something wrong. I asked my friends from the area and was told that speed taps there are quite common.

Nearly all 'fessed up to breaking the law and several posters chided others for breaking the posted speed when we all know it.

Readers also almost universally mocked whether posting more speed limit signs would make a difference.

Drive safely, everyone.

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