So you want to write erotica ...

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Harper Collins UK's ebook website Mischief works with erotica writers, bloggers and submissions by you to sell erotica novellas.

The website was launched in March and sells thousands of erotica short stories, anthologies, novellas and novels for just a few dollars.

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The Mischief's website said they are looking for inspired and imaginative explorations of fantasies, considered writing, well-developed characters, and interesting stories."

Erotica writer Rachael Kramer Bussell, who writes for Mischief, said erotica is very accessible for writers.

"I can probably write erotica anywhere," Bussell said. "I like to go to a cafe and do some people watching. I, you, can write erotica about almost anything, it may be things we traditionally think of, threesomes or bondage or sex with a stranger, but there are all kinds of stories that people are writing and it taps into people's imagination in a way that people do really connect with the stories."

Here's how you submit your story:

In the first instance, for single author titles (novel, novella or single author collections), you should send the following:

i) A short paragraph explaining what the submission is about, within your email (for short stories please state the title of the collection you are submitting to).

ii) For novels, novellas and single author collections of short stories, an outline of the work. Include the first chapter/story and two other chapters/stories of the finished text of single author titles which show your writing at its best.

Send your submission to the editorial email address:

Please do not send hard copies.

"We will attempt to acknowledge your proposal within a week of receiving it. But please be patient for news of an editorial decision," Harper Collins said. "We are already receiving a large volume of proposals each week, so we're constantly working with a huge backlog. The average waiting time for a full response can be as long as three months.

"Once your proposal has been acknowledged, we'd very much appreciate if you don't write or call to ask how it is faring."

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