UPDATE: 9-year-old Stockton girl hit by van dies

7:49 AM, Oct 21, 2011   |    comments
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STOCKTON, CA - Julianna Radilla died Friday morning from injuries sustained when she was hit by a van in Stockton Thursday, according to her aunt.  

Radilla, who was only 9-years-old, was hit by the van at South Stockton Avenue and Main Street Thursday evening and parents are calling for safety enhancements at the intersection.

Radilla was crossing the road on her motorized bike at a green light around 5:20 p.m. when a blue van ran the red light and hit the girl, witnesses told California Highway Patrol.

"There was a 9-year old girl that appeared to be riding a mini-scooter across the sidewalk," said CHP Officer Angel Arceo. 

The girl was thrown 100 feet away from the crash site. Witnesses said the bike's gas tank detonated on impact and covered the girl in flames.

CHP said the girl suffered severe trauma and burns to her body. She was life-flighted to UC Davis Medical Center via a Reach Helicopter.

CHP officers are questioning the driver of the van but say it's too soon to know if the female driver will face any charges.

Parents say the four-lane road is dangerous and warned, without added safety features, another accident will happen.

"And you can see a lot of cars that don't stop on the red light and I'm really concerned because this could happen again," said Yolanda Segura, who's son attends Wilhelmina Elementary School on the other side of East Main Street where the accident happened.

"More warning lights. I think they should put one on the other side and maybe one over here, too," said Segura, gesturing to both sides of the traffic light.

Becky Salazar, who's daughter attends the same school agrees. "They should put speed bumps because they run that red light like it's nothing," she said.

CHP investigators said the setting sun may have made visibility an issue for the driver.

"She was driving westbound. The sun's setting right in front of her. It could be an issue also, the visibility with the sun right in her eyes," said Officer Arceo.

Investigators said the driver of the blue van could face charges as serious as involuntary manslaughter if she is found to be at fault. 

Dave Marquis contributed to this story dmarquis@news10.net




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