Showdown for Occupy Sacramento Tuesday

12:28 AM, Oct 18, 2011   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, CA - The Sacramento city council is expected to make a decision Tuesday night on demands by Occupy Sacramento protestors to stay around the clock at Cesar Chavez Park.

At the last meeting, members of the group were told the council wanted time to consider the issue. The city does not permit overnight camping at the park.

There have been some 60 arrests over the last 2 weeks after protestors refused to leave the park.

The council could decide to enforce the ban on staying at the park overnight or grant some kind of exemption.

Either way, says attorney Bill Portanova, the decision will be based on the council's political perspective.

"They (city council) have the right to go either way. And whatever the majority is going to do is the way it's going to go. And there's no right way and no wrong way. We're part of this thing. It's happening nationally," Portanova said.

Occupy Sacramento protestor Patrick O'Kane, echoed the sentiments of others at the park when asked about the city's rule against staying in the park overnight.

"We're guaranteed First Amendment rights to peaceably assemble and there's no stipulation as to like between 9 and 5 or 8 and 4, or at the convenience of people who don't like it. We can assemble any time we want," O'Kane responded.

O'Kane said he'd worked as an information technology expert  in the mortgage lending business until its collapse cost him his job.

O'Kane said he plans to be at Tuesday night's  council meeting along with scores of others.

Protestors across the country have taken over city parks as a way to bring attention to their focus on economic inequality.

The movement has also spread to cities around the world.


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