Lawyer: Federal pot crackdown a blessing

6:28 PM, Oct 6, 2011   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, CA - California's four United States Attorneys will announce a new medicinal marijuana policy Friday, a move one former prosecutor believes is a blessing for pot users and growers.

Selected property owners who rent to marijuana dispensaries are receiving letters warning them that the continued sale of what the federal government considers an illegal drug could result in the seizure of their property.

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Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Bill Portanova said the warning could actually be good news for the dispensaries and property owners that don't get the letter.

"This letter is the best news that marijuana growers have ever received from the federal government because this letter is a courtesy that most people don't get," Portanova said. 

Portanova said the U.S. Attorneys could actually be planning to present guidelines to help dispensaries avoid trouble with the law.

"Right now, every marijuana grower and every marijuana seller who thinks he's legal is wrong, because every single one of them is committing a felony," Portanova said.

By George Warren, 


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