Game Guys review: Body and Brain Connection

5:33 PM, Mar 16, 2011   |    comments
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  • "Body and Brain Connection"
  • "Body and Brain Connection"
  • "Body and Brain Connection"
  • "Body and Brain Connection"
  • "Body and Brain Connection"
  • "Body and Brain Connection"
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Doctor Kawashima of Brain Age fame is back but this time he's looking to connect with gamers via the Xbox 360 Kinect system rather than Nintendo's DS platform.  How well does this transition work out?  Let's just say that gamers should still keep their DS handy.

Whereas the Brain Age titles look to exercise the user's brain, Body and Brain Connection's goal is both body and mind.  The game consists of several activities of varying difficulty that test your thinking and reaction skills, comparing the results day-to-day.  There are five categories (math, physical, reflexes, logic and memory) with four activities apiece for a grand total of twenty brain/body exercises.  Some of the activities, such as the PacMan and the bubble pipe ones, can be fairly enjoyable.  Also, the quiz show-type two-player game can be entertaining if your playmate is having a good time.

Outside of the earlier-mentioned titles, the majority can be quite frustrating.  Not necessarily because they're all that hard; rather they're simply unforgiving when it comes to timing.  Also, Dr. Kawashima can get a bit nasty and discouraging when giving out poor letter grades.  It's all a big turn-off.

Maybe it's the game software and maybe it's Kinect.  Chances are it's a little of both.  One thing that shouldn't be left to chance is the possibility of liking this game.  You want brain exercises?  Just play Brain Age on the DS.  And there are already plenty of active-body dance and aerobic games for Kinect.  Best yet, just play them both at once.  You'll probably enjoy it more.

Final Game Guys grade: D+

- Game Guy Barry White


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