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Sacramento area college student stuck in Egypt

8:12 PM, Jan 30, 2011   |    comments
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Taylor Budowich, 21, stuck in Cairo, Egypt

SLIDESHOW: Protests in Egypt 

SACRAMENTO - A Sacramento area college student is stranded in Egypt amidst protests and government unrest.

According to his mother, Jeaninne Budowich, Taylor Budowich, 21, is stuck in Cairo because Delta has canceled all of their outgoing flights. Budowich said she couldn't even talk to her son for several days because Taylor couldn't get cell phone or internet service to call her to let her know he is doing well.

"This is very frustrating that we are getting conflicting information from the embassy in Cairo, who isn't saying anything, and what we are hearing on the news," Jeannine Budowich said.

Budowich said Taylor has been studying at a university in Cairo for four semesters now because of his interest in international politics. Budowich said she'd like Taylor to be home, but hearing from him Sunday morning was comforting.

"Talking to my son this morning, I'm totally relieved," Budowich said. "Every time the phone rings I am on edge."

Budowich her son talked by phone on Sunday while News10 was there.

"I'm doing just fine right now," said Taylor.

"Have you felt like you were fearful for your life or your life has been in danger?" asked his mother.

"I have a tear gas cannister now. I have one made in the U.S.A. So, yes," replied Taylor.

Taylor told his mother he went to downtown Cairo Friday night during the protests. He went to see a friend and then police wouldn't let him leave. He and friends managed to find shelter at a hostel. From the third floor of the hostel, they watched the riots unfold.

"I saw the NPD (National Democratic Building) building burn down. I have pictures ofit today. I was there when the fire started," said Taylor

Taylor said he tried to get a flight out of Egypt Sunday morning, but all flights were booked.

"What was it like at the airport," asked Budowich.

"It was a complete mob scene," Taylor said.

Budowhich is working with Congresswoman Doris Matsui's office for help. Meanwhile, the U.S. embassy is arranging flights to take Americans out of Egypt Monday with flights going to "safehaven locations in Europe."

By Suzanne Phan,

Twitter: @suzannephan


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