Auburn UPS customer devises plan to catch suspicious employees

10:07 AM, Dec 14, 2010   |    comments
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AUBURN, CA - How far would you go to prove a claim of a stolen item? One man said he went to unusual lengths after his laptop computer was allegedly stolen after it was shipped from a UPS store in Auburn.

Richard Lynch, of Grass Valley, claims employees at the United Parcel Service (UPS) store stole the laptop computer he recently shipped to the east coast for repairs.

"When it got there, there were sheets and cans of soda instead of my computer," said Lynch.

Lynch inquired about the shipment but got few answers.

So he decided to go undercover and ship an empty box rigged with a car alarm that would only trip if the box was opened.

Lynch claims 10 minutes after dropping off the box at the Auburn location, it was opened by someone at the store and the alarm went off.

"Had they not opened the box I would assume it wasn't them but they opened it and they're not supposed to, " said Lynch.

The Placer County Sheriff's Department investigated after Lynch confronted employees with a camera when the alarm went off.

Sheriff's officials said an employee may have opened the box when they heard it make a noise.

The Bay Area owner of the store said he'd be willing to meet with Lynch about his claim.

"It was strange what he did but I'd like to hear his story," said UPS store owner Inder Atwal.

Lynch still hasn't been able to prove the employees have been stealing, but wants answers about his stolen property.

By Cornell Barnard,



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