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Democratic blogger: Public worker unions galvanized

9:29 AM, Mar 15, 2011   |    comments
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By Robin Swanson
News10 Democratic Blogger

On this morning's program, we briefly talked about the impact of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's punitive and regressive actions on labor movements across the country.

The fact is, his unilateral actions to destroy collective bargaining have reinvigorated the union movement to protect workers' rights and create good jobs.

Hundreds of thousands of teachers, students and other workers have shown up at the Wisconsin Capitol building to make their voices heard, and, as it turns out, the public is listening.  

According to the USA Today/Gallup poll, Americans oppose taking away collective bargaining rights from public employees by 61 percent to 33 percent, and 53 percent of Americans oppose reducing the pay or benefits the state provides for government workers.

As a result, workers across the country are galvanized to protect the middle class way of life that has been created through collective bargaining and organized labor.

It's very clear that America's workers are the wrong target. Most people believe it is time to hold Wall Street accountable for its abuses and to instead stand up for the middle class and working families. Walker has simply overplayed his hand - a true sign of arrogance.

News10's Dan Elliott asked if we thought there would be similar movements in California. Not only do I think so - I know so.

One such rally is being held in Los Angeles on March 26 in Pershing Square with workers from across the country, even including some from Wisconsin.

Expect to hear more about this movement in the coming days and weeks - but the fact is, the more Scott Walker talks, the more energized workers are to stand up for their rights all over the country!


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