Couples investing in protection against wedding-day disasters

10:27 AM, Jan 21, 2014   |    comments
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Every bride hopes for the perfect wedding day. But how often do things go exactly as planned? When unexpected disasters arise at the house, homeowners can look to their insurance to right the situation, and now brides and grooms have a similar layer of protection at their disposal.

Companies like Travelers and Wedsafe who provide wedding insurance say they are seeing more couples signing up coverage.

Another company called Fireman's Fund Insurance, offers what they call 'change of heart insurance', to cover those cases where the bride or groom gets a case of cold feet and fails to show up at the altar.

The average cost American couples are spending on weddings is about $26,000. It's a large sum to lay down without protection for such things as losses from extreme weather, illness, military deployments, vendor problems and the aforementioned case of cold feet.

Those circumstances are rare, but wedding planners say there are plenty of other problems that can come up on that big day.

One mother bought a $500 insurance policy to cover her daughter's $50,000 wedding last October in New Orleans in case there was a hurricane. The weather cooperated, but the limousine never showed up. Her daughter took a taxi cab to the church and they used the insurance policy to claim the deposit money they couldn't get back from the limo driver.

Leading up to that wedding, people were telling that mother that buying wedding insurance was a waste of money. She's planning to buy a policy for another daughter's wedding next year.


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