Sacramentans enjoy guilty pleasures of warm winter

6:12 PM, Jan 20, 2014   |    comments
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Local man grabs an ice cream during an unseasonably warm January afternoon in Sacramento.

SACRAMENTO - The unseasonably warm weather has people enjoying activities they wouldn't normally do in winter.

But they also know there is a serious downside to this nice weather - and that's the drought.

On Monday, McKinley Park in East Sacramento was packed with people playing tennis and running.

"I feel lucky in a way because normally in winter we don't get to play tennis or enjoy weather like this," Brian Geary said. "But it's at the expense of water for our area."

The region is on track to beat a record. But it's not a record in which to rejoice. It has been 44 days since Sacramento has had any rain of substance.

"This whole drought situation is really bad," Russell Sehn said. "I've been conserving water, turning the water on and putting it in buckets before it gets hot."

But that doesn't mean people can't take advantage of the weather. Some people wore tank tops and shorts when they'd usually be bundled up.

"I hate the treadmill," Sarah De Leon explained. "So it's nice to come out and run and get a tan at the same time."

People also packed Gunther's Ice Cream in Curtis Park, where they're getting a 20-percent boost in business because of the warm weather.

"It's rare," Jessika Sprague said. "It feels like it's July or August. It just feels like a summer day."

But Marlena Klopp, the owner of Gunther's, is afraid profits now will have a bigger impact to her bottom line down the road.

"I think if we don't get rain we're going to be addressing higher prices of dairy, food," Klopp explained. "You know the prices that are going to go up because that."

Until Mother Nature delivers, people will take what she's serving.

"We're hoping we're going to get a ton of rain in a couple of months and catch up," Sherry Major added.


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