Scientists predict increase in extreme El Nino events

7:14 AM, Jan 20, 2014   |    comments
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Scientists are predicting an increase in El Nino weather events due to warming associated with climate change. The findings were reported on website

Such a type of weather event is triggered when waters warm in the Pacific Ocean, causing a change in weather patterns around the world.

When it happened in February 1998, a powerful jet stream pounded California with an unrelenting series of wet pacific storms that eclipsed rainfall records. Oceanfront homes fell into the sea and roads washed out up and down the state. It also caused heat waves in Australia and washed away villages in Peru.

In the past, extreme El Nino events occurred once every 20 years approximately. But new findings by scientists, published in the journal "Natural Climate Change," state those weather events are expected to happen every 10 years for the next century.

Scientists said this latest study is the first conclusive link between extreme El Nino events and the warming of the planet.


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