Stockton water worries not so great

4:39 PM, Jan 17, 2014   |    comments
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Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta (Photo: Tim Daly)

STOCKTON - As many communities in California begin cutting their water use, Stockton, so far, is immune.

That's because a new water treatment plant north of the city supplies about a third of the water for Stockton customers.

The plant began pumping water to customers in 2012, after customers agreed to pick up the $220 million construction tab. And it was drought conditions that prompted Stockton to seek the right to water from the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta.

"We saw it in the late '70s and again in the early '90s. Now we're in a third year of dwindling supply. It's what we invested in and ratepayers backed us up. We went forward and built this plant for this reason," Bob Granberg, spokesperson for the Stockton Municipal Utilities Department, said.

The plant brings in water from nearby 8 Mile Road and it travels through 12 miles of pipe. In winter months, the plant supplies about 10 million gallons of water per day to customers. In the summer, the amount increases to 24 million gallons a day.

by Tim Daly,


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