Girl with terminal cancer receives kidnapped Christmas puppy, police say

11:56 PM, Jan 9, 2014   |    comments
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A young Sacramento girl with terminal cancer will finally get her Christmas wish, a pug puppy.

Riverside police found the pug Mushu earlier this week. Authorities said it was stolen by the woman who was supposed to deliver the dog to the little girl in Sacramento.

Shawna Hamon of Riverside bought the dog for the girl when she heard, through a friend, a 7-year-old girl with terminal leukemia wanted a pug for Christmas. The wish resonated with Hamon. She's a cancer survivor who relied on her own pug to get her through the hardest days.

"They have unconditional love for you," Hamon said. "They're just amazing, an amazing breed of dogs."

The little girl named the dog Mushu. Mushu, however, never made it to her new home.

Hamon said a fellow pug rescuer who offered to drive the dog to Sacramento in November ended up keeping Mushu for herself.

"I just can't believe she did what she did," Hamon said.

Hamon filed a police report. It took more than a month, but a team of cops finally tracked down the woman in Hollywood, where, they say, she was hiding the 12-week-old puppy.

"I know if it wasn't for them, this little girl's dream never would have happened," Hamon said.

News10 asked to speak with the family, but Hamon said they don't want to be identified. But, she provided a statement from the family:

"Thank you to everyone for your valiant and tireless efforts in getting Mushu back. Your support and dedication is overwhelming. At this time we ask that you respect and honor our wishes for privacy. This is a very stressing time in our lives and we are certain you would ask the same if you were in our place. We thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers for our daughter and ask that you continue to send these her way. Thank you."

Hamon will now personally fly Mushu out to the little girl, who is in Pennsylvania receiving experimental cancer treatment.

"I hope [Mushu] brings her spirits up and makes her fight even harder," Hamon said.

As for the woman suspected of stealing the dog, Hamon said she wants her arrested. The woman has not been identified. The Riverside Police Department has forwarded their case to the district attorney's office for possible charges against her.


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