Survey: More displeased with customer service than ever

5:46 AM, Dec 11, 2013   |    comments
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It's unfortunate that good customer service is so hard to find. Whether in a store, or on the phone, the experiences that consumers have are not always great, and that is what is reflected in this year's Customer Rage Survey.

The report, from Arizona State University's school of business found that more people are unhappy with the products and services they buy than ever before.

The data collected showed that people yelling at customer service reps increased from 25 percent of the time to 36 percent and cursing jumped from seven to 13 percent.

Of those who called in to complain about products they purchased, 56 percent said they got absolutely nothing as a result, which is up nine percentage points, according to the report.

Some of those who participated in the Customer Rage Survey shared their nightmare stories. For example, a 35-year old woman from Maryland was upset because she was not allowed to return a swimsuit that she discovered had been previously worn and returned.

The product that generated the most complaints was cable or satellite TV.

So where can you actually get reliable products and good customer service with a smile? In the world of electronics for example, according to Consumer Reports, it's the smaller, independent stores that have the most satisfied customers.

The report also found that the customers who were treated well and walked away happy will tell up to 16 others about their experience. But those who are not happy will tell an average of 28 others.

The survey also showed those who were on the receiving end of bad customer service became 12-percent less brand-loyal than if they didn't bother to complain at all.


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