Does cold weather really lead to sickness?

6:50 AM, Dec 5, 2013   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO - Your mom probably always told you not to leave home without a jacket or else you'd catch a cold. But does the weather really have anything to do with it? 

According to Discovery News and a team of experts, people do seem to come down with more colds and viruses during the colder months. In fact, the word 'influenza' comes from the Italian term 'influenza di freddo', which means 'influence of the cold.'

However, scientists have found that being in the cold does not make people sick or more prone to getting sick. Even when shivering, a person's core body temperature stays the same. 

According to Discovery News, Scientists theorize that during the cold temperatures people tend to crowd around each other more in public places seeking warmth indoors. That makes it easier for bacteria and viruses to hop from person to person.

A recent study from The University of Warwick singled out children as the top spreaders of infection because they have the highest number of daily social contacts.  Kids are kept indoors and around their peers all day, right around the cold season.


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