'No excuse' mom issues 'non-apology' to haters

6:35 PM, Oct 15, 2013   |    comments
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Maria Kang posted this photo on her Facbeook page last year andit went viral.

SACRAMENTO, CA - When former bikini model and mother of three Maria Kang posted a photo of her hot body on Facebook one year ago, it went viral. Now, she is responding to the "haters."

The  photo was taken just eight months after Kang had her third child. Looking fit and furious, the caption across the top says, "What's your excuse?"

While the comments have primarily been positive, Kang has also received some flack from women calling her a bully, fat-shaming and some even asking her to apologize for the hurt she has caused them; the comment that struck her most she said, was one calling her a bad mother.

"That's unfortunate. You should be praising mothers who are taking care of their health and who have a family," Kang said. "I just put my foot down and said, 'you know what, I'm going to respond to this because for the last year I haven't really responded.'"

In response to the "haters," Kang recently reposted the photo with what she calls a "non-apology."

"I never called you fat, I never said that you were a bad mother, I never said what's your excuse for not looking like me, I never said anything like that. I just came out and said you need to own the thoughts you put in your own head because I didn't put it there, you did," Kang said.

"Women's snarkiness is a form of bullying," northern California fitness instructor Lorri Ann Code said.

Code works primarily with moms trying to get back down to their pre-baby shape. She said women should take no shame in taking time out for themselves, and the cattiness among other women needs to stop.

"[Kang] is exemplifying how to find balance in your life," Code said. "I'm very hopeful that [women] can support each other more."

Kang admits the road to weight loss wasn't always an easy one.

"Being a perfectionist, it made me very focused on my eating, and therefore influenced me to become bulimic," Kang said.

After a 4-year battle with bulimia, Kang dug deep to find her own confidence and set out to make a change. She met her husband, a former marine, and together they started a family.

"He's a former marine, but I'm like a drill sergeant in this house," Kang joked.

Kang said she stays fit by eating healthy foods and working out when she has the time.

Now, this "no excuse" mom has a message for all women out there, "Be healthy because you love your child."


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