GREAT HANG UP: Teens design a SMARTWheel for safe driving

7:39 AM, Jul 3, 2013   |    comments
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Six east coast teens who call themselves the "Inventioneers" designed a prototype wheel called the SMARTwheel that sounds an alert when drivers take their hands off the wheel.

The design caught the eye of two investors on "Shark Tank" this season who pledged to help advance the young entrepeneurs' idea.  The Inventioneers said they hope to have it on the market in about a year, for about $150.

One of three siblings on the team, 17-year-old TJ, said they looked for in-the-moment driving devices, as opposed to after-the-fact solutions, and found the technology was sorely missing. 

They ran a pilot study at MIT and even showed President Obama the design.


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