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GREAT HANG UP: Ranking driving distractions by category

10:27 AM, Jun 26, 2013   |    comments
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Great Hang Up: An extensive AAA report suggests driving distractions can be rated like hurricanes.

Listening to the radio or an audio book was ranked as the lowest risk, or a category one.

Talking on the phone ranked as a category two.

The worst single task for distraction, or a category three, was operation of speech-activated functions, like voice activated texting and email functions.

The AAA Cognitive Distracted Driving Report suggests hands-free phone use while driving still involves the risk of distraction. UC Davis has studied an effect dubbed "brain blindness" which occurs when your eyes may see something on the road but your brain does not process it due to being distracted.





Thirty-eight drivers and their reaction time were recorded with various distractions with both hands on the wheel.


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