Fresno mom chases suspected burglar with pruning shears, helps trim crime rate in neighborhood

7:30 AM, Feb 19, 2013   |    comments
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Ruste Sasser and a team of her Fresno neighbors helped nab a suspected burglar in their community.

FRESNO, Calif. - A team comprised of a mother, a UPS employee, a construction worker and a neighbor in a Fresno community helped catch a suspected burglar and send a warning to future criminals.

"I am not a fan of criminals and I have no problem chasing down a thug in my neighborhood," said resident turned crime fighter Ruste Sasser.

Sasser was pruning some oleander bushes when she learned of a suspected burglar in the neighborhood.

"And the UPS guys comes around and he's over here and he's like hey that guy just broke into somebody's house," revealed Sasser. "So, between the UPS guy and myself, we chased him down, not one loop, but the second loop."

One of Sasser's neighbors, Drew Nason, said he was caught off guard by the woman's yelling as she chased down the suspected intruder.

"Some lady comes running through the door with pruners and says get that guy! Get that guy! Or something. I seen him trying to hop another fence, I jumped up there, grabbed him, took him down, started choking him, then I just held him until the cops came," said Nason. 

Sasser's relentless pursuit of the individual helped lead to an arrest and she hopes it serves as a warning for future individuals up to no good in her Fresno neighborhood.

"I'm going to protect my family. I'm going to protect our neighbors. And if somebody decides to infiltrate our little bubble here, that we're all going to get together and make sure they're so scared that they don't want to come back. And I hope they tell their friends not to come back because I'm not going to let that fly."


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