Study: Higher pay lures more qualified teachers

3:52 PM, Feb 18, 2013   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, CA - Attracting quality teachers has long been a problem for many school districts, especially in poor or urban areas, which often try to lure better teachers with higher pay.  But does that work?  A recent study shows that it does.

The study by two Stanford researchers found when the San Francisco Unified School District offered a salary of up to 13 percent more per year for their teaching positions, more, and more-qualified, teachers applied.

"Here in California, as in most states, we have a real disparity. The lowest-income students often have the least qualified teachers and that's related to salary," said study co-author Heather Hough. "The students that are the highest income have the highest-paid teachers.  And so what this shows is that a more urban, lower-income districts can raise salaries and draw some of the teachers who, without that increase, might have only gone to districts that pay more."

"What I think that this research contributes to is," Hough added, "that with not that much more money paid to teachers, you can start to change the dynamics of teacher recruitment."

Hough said she hopes policymakers will use the research to help improve the distribution of teachers across the state.

Capitol Television News Service (CTNS)

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