Tragedy averted in No. Highlands space heater fire

4:39 PM, Dec 12, 2012   |    comments
  • North Highlands space heater fire, Dec. 12, 2012
  • North Highlands space heater fire, Dec. 12, 2012
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NORTH HIGHLANDS, CA - Overloaded extension cords started a fire in a converted North Highlands garage where a 6-year-old boy slept early Wednesday morning, according to the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District.

Fortunately, the boy's parents arrived home in time to smell smoke and grab the child from the burning couch where he slept.

The boy was unhurt.

Sacramento Metro spokeswoman Michelle Eidam said space heaters had been plugged into the back-to-back extension cords. She said the power the space heaters required overloaded the extension cords, which caused them to overheat and ignite the carpet which spread to the couch.

Others in another part of the home on the 3600 block of McClellan Drive didn't smell smoke and there was just one working smoke detector in a hallway away from the converted garage, Eidam said.

Responding firefighters found the fire still smouldering, with thick, black smoke filling the room.

Eidam recommended keeping anything flammable at least three feet from heating equipment and to turn off portable heaters before going to sleep. High-energy use equipment should be plugged directly into wall outlets and have working smoke alarms near and/or in every room where people sleep.


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