Crews prepare for next onslaught of rain during lull

12:28 AM, Nov 29, 2012   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Ground saturation and flooding are two of the biggest concerns emergency workers have as they brace for more rain over the next few days.

People across the region are hoping uprooted trees, like the one along 47th Street and Hogan Drive in Sacramento, will not be the norm when the rain returns, but experts warn there could be more to come.

"Too much water and too much wind loosens the soil up, and trees can topple over," Sacramento Tree Foundation Executive Director Rey Tretheway said.

Tretheway urged homeowners to monitor large trees in their yards and watch for moving trunks and shifting ground around the bases of their trees.

"If we get the amount of rain we expect the next three or four days, combined with the high winds we expect, and the leaves stay on the branches, it could be a problem for the larger landscaped trees, most certainly," Tretheway said.

"When we see rain and storm of this magnitude, people need to anticipate possible impact such as trees coming down on their homes or their cars and power lines," Tina Walker with the California Emergency Management Agency said.

Walker said first responders are preparing for any major incidents in the next few days, and she urged everyone to do the same.

"Double-check their emergency supply kit, be prepared for if power outages do occur," Walker added.

Pacific Gas & Electric has about 200 crews on standby ready to respond to any power outages, and they're asking for your help if one of those outages affects you.

"Unplug any unnecessary appliances and just leave one lamp plugged in, so that that will alert them to when the power does come back on," PG&E spokesperson Brandi Ehlers said.


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